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Josh Greene is a multi-talented genius and humanitarian who enjoys writing his own bios. After a tour of duty in the trenches of children's theater, his professional career was launched with an appearance on FRASIER, which catapulted him into a guesthouse in the Valley. Shortly thereafter he did some time in the Broadway musical RENT, then returned home to pursue lifelong goals like fame, fortune, and the elimination of world hunger. Josh was the star of Discovery Channel’s RALLY ROUND THE HOUSE, and recently wrapped his 50th episode of TLC’s 10 YEARS YOUNGER. Providing the voice of Jimmy Lizard in the Weinstein Company’s animated hit HOODWINKED, he also penned the song RUNAWAY which was included on the film's award-winning soundtrack. In 2005 Josh wrote/directed/produced THE COMMISSION, a film which walked away with nine nominations and three wins, including "Best Comedy" and "Best Screenplay" at the 168 Hour Film Festival in L.A. Last year he starred with Tenacious D's Kyle Gass in the smash hit musical ROCK OF AGES, and is currently in development on three feature films, a television pilot, and his first solo album. It's looking like world hunger may just have to wait -- Or you could visit ONE.org and help stamp it out yourself!

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9 to 5 Opening NightSaturday night was Autumn’s 9 to 5 opening, and it went swimmingly! Yes, there was a technical glitch early in the show that brought things to a halt, but Dolly jumped up with a mic in the middle of the audience and led everyone in a sing-along. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were there, along with all the other celebs who crawl out of the woodwork for opening night galas. At the top of my personal list was Mr. Dabney Coleman, whom I harassed for several minutes at the after-party. He seemed a little confused, but I think it was because I wouldn’t shut up about how great he was in Cloak and Dagger.

The show is so much fun, and Autumn is by far the sexiest mamacita up on that stage. Just ask my buddy TJ, who upon confirmation, shouted across a packed lobby to his fiance, “Yeah! Autumn was the naked one!” Dad, you’re gonna like this show… A LOT.

9 to 5 is playing at the Ahmanson Theater for four more weeks, then moves to Broadway in the Spring of 2009. If you’re in L.A., catch it while you can!

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It hit the newswire today that Jack Nicholson filmed an ad supporting Democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton. The spot is “Buzzing Now” on Yahoo‘s front page, showed up on Perez Hilton’s blog, and wound up front and center at the Huffington Post. All this in less than the 18 hours since it was first posted on YouTube by the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow…

I only bring it up here because regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit that the production itself is VERY well done. Whoever put it all together is, like… some kind of creative genius or something.

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OscarSo I’m sitting here watching the Academy Awards and while I’d hoped for and even predicted a few of the upsets that have occurred thus far (Tilda Swinton & Marion Cotillard), I just had to jump online and make a quick comment on this last Oscar for Editing. It went to Christopher Rouse for The Bourne Ultimatum, and while I’m happy for the guy, I’m more than a little disappointed with the Academy. See, the award is supposed to be for BEST editing in a feature film, not the MOST editing.

Keep in mind that outside of “Best Picture,” only folks within a given field of expertise are allowed to vote on the winner in their category — in other words, a bunch of EDITORS voted for Mr. Rouse’s work on Ultimatum. I only bring it up because my biggest issue with the film was its overzealous, MTV-style cutting — editing that actually confused the story. That it’s being honored with an Academy Award has me absolutely stumped. That I care enough to post about it tells me that I should spend more time WRITING movies and less time writing ABOUT them…

But since I’m at it, I might as well mention that this evening’s Oscar telecast has me convinced that Cameron Diaz and Ellen Barkin are in fact, the same person.

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So there’s this guy I know — not very well actually, he’s really more of an acquaintence — but I’ve run into him at a few events here and there, and managed somehow to wind up on his mailing list. Now if I had my life to live over, I’d probably do everything in my power to avoid ending up on ANYONE’s list, and while my life would surely be less cluttered, I would miss out on interesting theories like the one presented today in his weekly message to masses.

What follows is an idea as to what is truly at stake as the WGA continues to strike, and while the real truth may be forever obscured by points-of-view and political flag-waving, it’s (at the very least) a good enough reason to start thinking for YOURSELF about how and why things get done in this ole world. Again, this was delivered via email so I can’t simply provide a link. Therefore I’ve reproduced the (relatively short) article in its entirety, and give full credit to Mark Edward Lewis as its author.


What they don’t want to tell you.

About WHY they don’t want to pay the writers.

I was recently shooting for the hit show “Pinks” on Speed Channel last month. One of the great things about cable shows is that the Executive Producers like to come hang out and give their two-bits. Fortunately, this EP is a wonderful human being and was a great contribution to the production days.

Not surprisingly, over lunch we got into the WGA strike and what it means and why it’s happening. He said some things that made the hair stand up on my head (and I’m bald). It was hard to believe, but the more people I asked about it, the more it made sense. After speaking with some industry insiders and corporate Internet folks, what I’m about to tell you may just seem like a conspiracy theory, but it has some compelling truth ringiness to it. Try it on and see what you think. As always I’m open to your feedback and input, because believe me, I want to believe something else.

Silly Songs With Michael

Before I launch into talking about why the studios et al are not paying the writer’s their fair share, I want to let you in on a little conversation that a good friend of mine who is an executive at a major television studio (we’ll call him Tom) had with Michael Eisner over lunch in November. Just a little dialogue for those of you who haven’t seen dialogue on a computer screen in a few months due to the strike.

Imagine, Mr. Eisner and Tom casually talking at Studio Cafe…

Tom: “So, Michael, what’s all this with the writers?”
ME: “Oh! Those writer’s are insane. The only people who are making money on the Internet are Apple and Google.”
Tom: “Well, if that’s so, why not just give the stupid writers 10% of nothing, Michael?”
—end of conversation.

Take this as a precursor to what I’m about to tell you. (Read the Rest…)

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Still Life

Mission Control, we are a GO! That’s right, after much speculation and anticipation I finally have posted my infamous Egypt photos online. I dug through the near 5000 pics that I took, and got it down to about 750. I’ve tagged them all, and they are ready for perusal at Smugmug.

I’ve not yet customized anything gallery-wise, so it’s pretty basic right now. That said, Smugmug allows unlimited uploading and bandwidth, so the pics are all up in their native resolution (BIG!), and can be downloaded in several different sizes. If you’d like to order prints and/or gifts, that’s all available as well.

Click the above photo to link to the gallery!

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