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Josh Greene is a multi-talented genius and humanitarian who enjoys writing his own bios. After a tour of duty in the trenches of children's theater, his professional career was launched with an appearance on FRASIER, which catapulted him into a guesthouse in the Valley. Shortly thereafter he did some time in the Broadway musical RENT, then returned home to pursue lifelong goals like fame, fortune, and the elimination of world hunger. Josh was the star of Discovery Channel’s RALLY ROUND THE HOUSE, and recently wrapped his 50th episode of TLC’s 10 YEARS YOUNGER. Providing the voice of Jimmy Lizard in the Weinstein Company’s animated hit HOODWINKED, he also penned the song RUNAWAY which was included on the film's award-winning soundtrack. In 2005 Josh wrote/directed/produced THE COMMISSION, a film which walked away with nine nominations and three wins, including "Best Comedy" and "Best Screenplay" at the 168 Hour Film Festival in L.A. Last year he starred with Tenacious D's Kyle Gass in the smash hit musical ROCK OF AGES, and is currently in development on three feature films, a television pilot, and his first solo album. It's looking like world hunger may just have to wait -- Or you could visit ONE.org and help stamp it out yourself!

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Post Meta :

It hit the newswire today that Jack Nicholson filmed an ad supporting Democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton. The spot is “Buzzing Now” on Yahoo‘s front page, showed up on Perez Hilton’s blog, and wound up front and center at the Huffington Post. All this in less than the 18 hours since it was first posted on YouTube by the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow…

I only bring it up here because regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit that the production itself is VERY well done. Whoever put it all together is, like… some kind of creative genius or something.